4 Top Tips for Effective Online Merchandising

Directing online shoppers to your website is just half the task. The ability to convert them into buying customers fast with effective merchandising is what separates top retailers from those below the food chain. Your aim of online merchandising is to engage every online store visitor with high-value and relevant products to enable them to buy in volumes while minimizing your bounce rate. But anticipating the needs of every customer is a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve highlighted tips that will help you towards your online merchandising efforts.

Make your home page as simple as possible to aid your online merchandising campaigns

A website’s homepage plays a critical role in online merchandising. It showcases and promotes your brand and motivates visitors to slide deeper into your site. The home page is also where potential clients and regular clients land first to get solutions to their needs. But, the downside is you don’t know much about the visitor, only that they have landed on your site. This makes delivering a targeted promotion a daunting task. That’s why you have to leverage the power of your home page by showcasing your most popular products, categories and search option.

Make your site’s search filter as precise as possible to increase your online merchandising conversions

The search option is a vital feature to monitors visitors needs. Often visitors search products through the search box using a given keyword. Here’s where your website design should return results with contextual targeting. Case in point: If a visitor searches for an Apple iPad, your site should display all relevant results and narrow down to the next filtering option such as color, design, memory, megapixel, and user rating. As the potential customer narrows down their options, you get the real picture of what they want. This is where you direct them to your product detail pages to get the ins and outs of the selected product. So ensure your website has a superior search and filter features.

Inspire great confidence on your category pages in your online merchandising endeavors

Like the search pages, category pages are vital to enable customers to find products quickly. When a potential customer clicks on the category, they will be directed to the subcategory and then to the product detail page. At this level, you will know exactly what the potential customer wants, and you can initiate your marketing campaign to nail that sale. So your category pages should be inspiring to allow customers to continue to the product detail page, where they are most likely to decide to buy.

Your online merchandising effort should aim at personalizing product detail pages

Potential customers who’ve navigated to the product detail pages have a high probability of purchasing a product. They likely have evaluated similar products on offer and made their choice on which one to buy. The only move they’re left with is to ascertain that the product is of the right quality and can solve their needs. This is why your product detail pages should include detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, images, videos, and how-to guides. All this information is enough to convince a prospect to buy without your intervention.

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