4 Top Attributes of a Successful Merchandising Supervision

Success in visual merchandising mostly depends on the merchandising team. And this boils down to a well-managed merchandising team. That’s why a merchandising supervisor must be on their A game to ensure the merchandising team is as efficient as position when carrying out the daily retail store duties. To achieve this milestone, a merchandising supervisor must possess the following attributes:

A merchandising supervisor should possess impeccable communication skills

Communication is one of the critical aspects of merchandising. Merchandising involves communicating with consumers and merchandising team all the time. So a merchandising supervisor must be able to hypnotically interact with the customers in the store to know about their shopping experience. An active supervisor should also be in a position to easily communicate the objectives and marketing plans of the retail outlet to the merchandising team to enable them seamless implement them.

Incredible presentation skills is an essential trait for any merchandising supervisor

Visual merchandising involves physical interaction with customers. A supervisor and their team represent the visual image of the retail outlet. Therefore, both must be well groomed to take customers’ shopping experience up a notch. Customers tend to be attracted to retail stores with well-presented and helpful merchandising teams.

Teaching and training skills is a requirement for any merchandising supervisor

As a supervisor, you will be responsible for the whole merchandising team. The team may include members who look the part but may not have the required merchandising skills. So you’ll need to teach and continually train them about the intricacies of the profession. To be effective in imparting the relevant merchandising skaaills, you must have experience and expertise in the merchandising domain and incredible teaching and training skills to impart quality knowledge to the team.

A visual merchandising supervisor must possess a positive and leader attitude

In the modern management environment, autocratic kind of leadership has outlived its usefulness. To get the best out of the 21st century merchandising team, you need to be a leader, not a boss. This means that you have to abandon the traditional model of giving orders and instead ask for results. Give your merchandising team the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Supply them with the necessary tools, including the objectives and goals of your visual merchandising project, and you’ll certainly see the kind of results you need.


 Success in visual merchandising requires 100% positive attitude and trust in your leadership. If you can supply those, then you won’t have problems attaining the objectives and goals of the retail store.